Hennaplus Men's Own

Hennaplus Men’s Own is the professional hair colour specially formulated for men. Grey hair will disappear in just 5 minutes, quick & easy. Men’s Own offers a natural result, superior care and shine and is also suitable for beards, moustaches and sideburns. Ideal for the confident, modern man of today!

Grey hair disappears in 5 minutes

Men’s Own revives your natural hair colour in just 5 minutes. Its unique ammonia free formula with Colour Match technology and Slow Fade brings the natural colour back to grey hair. It provides an optimal natural colour result that lasts up to 6 weeks. One application will make you look many years younger!

Colour Match technology

The unique ammonia free formula uses the latest in colouring technology and is specially developed for the unique properties of the hair of men. Grey hairs will disappear and are matched to the natural hair colour, ensuring a perfect natural result.

Hennaplus Men’s Own is available in 6 natural colours.